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2014 World Cup,International Football

World Cup Competition – Last Man Standing

9 Jun , 2014  

World Cup Competition

The rules are as follows:

Group Stages

Each player picks one team from each round of group games.  If any of your picks do not win then you are immediately eliminated.

Knockout Stages

Each player picks one team from each round in the knockout stages. This team must win in normal time, extra time or on penalties.

GW1 June 12th – 17th:

Brazil v Croatia;    Mexico v Cameroon;    Spain v Netherlands;    Chile v Australia;    Colombia v Greece;    Uruguay v Costa Rica;    England v Italy;    Ivory Coast v Japan;    Switzerland v Ecuador;    France v Honduras;   Argentina v Bosnia & Herzegovina;    Germany v Portugal;    Iran v Nigeria;    Ghana v USA;    Belgium v Algeria;    Russia v South Korea

GW2 June 17th – 22nd:

Brazil v Mexico;    Australia v Netherlands;    Spain v Chile;    Cameroon v Croatia;    Colombia v Ivory Coast;    Uruguay v England;    Japan v Greece;    Italy v Costa Rica;    Switzerland v France;    Honduras v Ecuador;    Argentina v Iran;    Germany v Ghana;    Nigeria v Bosnia & Herzegovina;    Belgium v Russia;    South Korea v Algeria;    USA v Portugal

GW3 June 23rd – 26th:

Australia v Spain;    Netherlands v Chile;    Cameroon v Brazil;    Croatia v Mexico;    Costa Rica v England;    Italy v Uruguay;    Greece v Ivory Coast;    Japan v Colombia;    Bosnia & Herzegovina v Iran;    Nigeria v Argentina;    Honduras v Switzerland;    Ecuador v France;    USA v Germany;    Portugal v Ghana;    South Korea v Belgium;    Algeria v Russia


Seeded teams (can only be picked once in whole tournament)

1 Brazil  2 Spain  3 Colombia  4 Italy  5 France  6 Argentina  7 Germany  8 Belgium

All other teams can be picked twice.  One of these picks has to be in the group stages and the other must be in the knockout stages.

Picks for GW1

Hahessy – Russia – Out :(

Clancy – Uruguay – Out :(

Graham – Chile – Won :)

Sparks – France – Won :)

Dinny -Uruguay – Out :(

Willie – France – Won :)

Eddie – Belgium – Won :)

Carpo – Chile – Won :)

Trish – Uruguay – Out :(

Picks for GW2

Eddie – Portugal – Out :(

Sparks – Netherlands – Won :)

Graham – Bosnia – Out :(

Carpo – Argentina – Won :)

Willie – Netherlands – Won :)

Picks for GW3

Sparks – Brazil – Won :)

Carpo – Brazil – Won :)

Willie – Spain – Won :)

Last Sixteen fixtures

Brazil v Chile;    Colombia v Uruguay;    Netherlands v Mexico;    Costa Rica v Greece;    France v Nigeria;    Germany v Algeria;    Argentina v Switzerland;    Belgium v USA

Sparks – Argentina – Won :)

Carpo – France – Won :)

Willie – Belgium – Won :)


France v Germany;    Brazil v Colombia;    Argentina v Belgium;    Netherlands v Costa Rica

Sparks – Colombia – Out :(

Carpo – Netherlands – Won :)

Willie – Netherlands – Won :)


Carpo – Germany – Won :)

Willie – Germany – Won :)

Willie is crowned as Last Man Standing as Carpo had no teams left to pick in the final.  Willie still had Argentina as an option.

Ladies and Gentleman, here is your champion.


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