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Fantasy Football – What’s in it for us?

28 Apr , 2014  

Danish football fans

We’re all gaffers really

I’m just about to enjoy tonight’s Arsenal v Newcastle game.  The reason I can enjoy it is because all of my fantasy football players have already played this week, therefore this game will not affect my points total.

This is what I miss – being able to sit and watch a game objectively.  Over the last six or seven years the majority of football fans have forgotten what this is like – this very simple pleasure of enjoying the game I love, not caring if the goalkeeper gets a clean-sheet or not being absolutely devastated by one of my players getting a red card.  Simply watching a Premier League match as a fan is a luxury that fantasy football denies us.  This is the price we pay as we strive to earn the bragging rights with our mates.  More…



Follow your Passion

26 Apr , 2014  

Liverpool fans

Where does our passion come from?  How does it just keep on growing and getting stronger?…

Philip Feeney – April 25th, 2014

I read an article recently wherein it said that you don’t choose your football club, it chooses you.  Part of me believes that’s true, but part of me understands the personal circumstances that shape our lives as well.

It was mainly down to my dad that I started supporting Liverpool all those years ago.  I looked up to him as any son does.  I used to plead with him to come kick the ball around with me after he’d finish work. I was as young as three, pestering my tired father.  Sometimes he would join me but other times he couldn’t.  I would be heartbroken when he was too tired after a hard days work, not knowing that he was keeping us fed and warm.  I’d have to pretend to be my Liverpool heroes by myself, kicking the ball around on the green in our estate, or in the lane-way beside my house. More…


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Cristiano Ronaldo – Ballon D’or 2013

3 May , 2014   Video

Today we found this great compilation video of the year that was for CR7, 2013 Ballon D’or winner.


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Top 10 Wags

29 Mar , 2014   Gallery

Helen Flanagan

Footballers are famous for both their skills and their HOT Wags.  Here are our selection of the Top 10.  Let us know your favourite in the comments below.